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EDR Creations was started in 2001 to meet my own needs for a web site to display my photography.


I am located just outside the small town of Phoenix, New York. My career background has been in manufacturing. I have worked on the manufacturing floor as a skilled toolmaker and machine builder, and through my own ambitions, found my way into supervision and management for the past 25 years.


Upon entering management in a machine shop, I quickly started a design and engineering group, specializing in designing and building specialized equipment. This soon lead me to the undeniable fact that the personal computer was going to be a necessity for staying competitive, and offering the services and technology of the future.


In 1984 we purchased a PC, installed engineering drawing software and the rest is history. I spent every available hour on the PC and was fascinated by the unlimited reach and opportunity it provided. Soon I had my own PC at home and it became a prominent part of my life. In 1996 I began experimenting with web pages. I created my first home page and then on to personal interests and the creation and design of my employers business site. Along with Custom Machining Manager, I was the systems administer to our 25 seat company network, and did all the photography for our brochure as well as web site.


My internal drive to continually find new, exciting, better, faster, "cooler" ways to create effects, and display information in a visually pleasing manner has taken me down some amazing roads. Web sites present me with an outlet for another personal love. Photography. The two go hand in hand. I am fortunate to now be able to utilize these loves, and use the endless hours invested behind the screen, to provide service to small businesses, and personal needs.


I welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, and provide you with exceptional service, designed to meet or exceed your expectations in quality, value and delivery.


Everet D. Regal

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